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How it started

The Acharya Sabha, created by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, is in all essence an apex body of the Hindi dharma. A congregation of the Heads of various Traditions, it strives to provide leadership and service to society. Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, established in 2003, comprise of various Hindu Traditions and centres of learning, which are more than 200 years old.

Uniting Knowledgeable Heads

An acharya is a revered teacher for the community he serves. Hinduism is a mosaic of traditions (sampradayas). Acharya Sabha embodies the coming together of the knowledgable heads of these sampradayas under one title, while keeping the individuality of each sampradaya. The Sabha is not a random gathering of Swamis by word-of-mouth; it is a body that exists on paper. Each Acharya has indicated his consent to join the Sabha and strives to work for the cause of the same.

ancient sampradayas

To name a few of the ancient sampradayas represented- those of Shankaracharya, Ramuanujacharya, Madhvacharya, Nimbarkacharya, Vallabhacharya and Swaminarayana; from the North, the heads of ancient Akhadas- Nirvana, Digambara, Juna and Sena; from the South, the Adheenams of Tamil Nadu and Lingayats of Karnataka; from the Northeast, the Satradhikaris; and from Central India, the Warkaris and Kabir Pantis.

Objectives of HDAS

Advocacy regarding policies and issues concerning Hindu Dharma and Culture at National and State levels.

Providing inspiration, guidance & collective leadership on matters concerning Hindu Dharma & Culture at National & International levels.

Deliberate and act comprehensively on issues of concern and importance to the Hindu Dharma and Culture for the current and future generations.

Taking initiatives to protect and propagate Hindu Dharma and Culture through different channels and mediums.

Promoting inter-religious harmony & mutual respect among religions through dialogues, helps to learn from one another.

One more important objective is to participate in international conferences of world religions to unfold a proper understanding about Hindu Dharma and Culture.

One of the primary objective of Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, shortly HDAS, is Promoting World Peace.

Encouraging people to engage in service activities can have a positive impact on both the individual and the community & promote a sense of purpose.

Undertake education initiatives to clarify misunderstandings regarding Hindu Dharma and and all aspects of Hindu Culture such as language, dance, music, etc.


Pujya Swamiji had a vision that everyone should recognize the fact that the Acharya Sabha is a well-wisher of and speaker on behalf of Hindu dharma. He wished that even the government would realize this & consult this body when making decisions that affect dharma. He wanted this body to provide a special stature to anyone it nominates to speak on the behalf of our culture in the sense that when he/she talks, Hindu dharma talks. The Sabha can have far-reaching consequences. Swamiji believed that once we have the inner strength, we can get respect from other religions for what we are.

Interfaith participation

1. Organized by Acharya Sabha, held at Delhi Chief Rabbi and Rabbinate from Israel participated in the dialogue, in February, 2007.

2. Acharya Sabha represented Hinduism at the "Board Meeting of World Council of Religious Leaders" at Singapore - July, 2007.

3. Represented Hinduism at "Asia-Africa Spiritual Summit - Awakening of Global Compassionate Leadership" organized by DDM Foundation - Taiwan.

4. Visted and signed Historical Hindu-Jewish Declaration at Jerusalem in February 2008.

5. Acharya Sabha was invited by ISRAELI PRESIDENT's CONFERENCE at Jerusalem in May 2008.

6. Represented Hinduism at Hindu-Buddhist conference at Cambodia, Feb 2009.

8. Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha proudly represented Hinduism at World Religious Leaders Summit at Baku (Azerbaijan), May 2010.

9. Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha represented Hinduism at G8 World Religious Leaders' Summit at Winnipeg-Canada, June 2010.

10. Acharya Sabha delegation went to Sri Lanka to meet Buddhist Religious Leaders in July 2010 to work together in the reconstruction of Hindu Temples & Buddhist Viharas that got destroyed during the war in the north.

11. Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha Represented Hinduism at World Yoga day meet at Portugal in 2014-2015. Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha represented Hinduism at "Dharma-Dharma Samvad" - International meet at India - 2014.

12. Represented Hinduism at "Meeting of Israel-Asia Faith Leaders" in 2016. Represented Hinduism at "The Interfaith Dialoguenfor Peace-Harmony-&-Security" Samvad-1 (at Delhi in 2015) and Samvad-2 (at Yangon-Mynmar in 2017).

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